Lojac Int'l  ロジャック弁護士
Anthony Lojac  J.D., Ph.D.


Anthony Lojac is a Writer, Investor & Lawyer.
devotes most of his time to his own creative projects, but he also provides legal & financial advice to help other creative people do what they want in life.

critical praise for

The Perfect Buddha's Head: Maya & Karma from 1969
a supernatural novel by Anthony Lojac

 "It opened my mind to a whole new kind of reality. It is a work of absolute genius."

" A perfectly written wild ride into otherworldly realms!"

"Transcends genius... a heroic achievement."

"This novel is worth serious consideration."

Anthony also takes good care of Angel, a vintage mahogany & teak Grand Banks trawler, berthed in the luxurious facilities at Del Rey Yacht Club, in Marina del Rey.

Please introduce yourself in English or Japanese  &  explain your situation by email.

MENSA & Japanese Gourmet Parties on a Boat!

 Del Rey Yacht Clubの私のボートAngelにて持ち寄りパーティーを開きます。


We host very popular potluck parties on Angel for friends, and members of MENSA.
Please introduce yourself by email to ask for an invitation.

Anthony Lojac
269 S Beverly Dr #1400
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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